Start Time: 12/08/2016 02:00 PM, End Time: 12/08/2016 02:45 PM, Location: Security Salon

Session Level: Beginner

Target Audience:
This session is for those interested inan up-to-date Cyber Threat Briefing

Session Summary:

Do you wonder what’s happening on the current Cyber Threat Landscape? This presentation provides an up-to-date briefing from the Alert Logic Chief Security Evangelist, Stephen Coty about malicious cybercrime, the evolution of hackers, how the underground economy works and how it affects the corporate IT landscape on-premises and in the cloud. You will also hear about relevant security solutions and strategies for businesses to use to prevent harmful cyber activity. The presentation will cover:

• Insight into emerging cyber threats
• A profile of today’s evolved hackers: what they are after, why, and how they’re getting what they want
• Strategies and tools you can implement to safeguard against attacks

Presenter: Stephen Coty - Alert Logic (Chief Security Evangelist)
About Stephen Coty:
is the Chief Security Evangelist at Alert Logic in Houston TX. He formally ran the Threat Research team building threat content and delivering threat intelligence to our partners and customers. Before coming to Alert Logic he was the Manager of Cyber Security for Rackspace Hosting. Prior to Rackspac...  Read More

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