ITPalooza 2018 Content

Dec 13, 2018 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Keynote Presentations


Jim McKelvey might be best known for co-founding Square, the mobile payment system, but his entrepreneurial spirit goes beyond inventing new technology. A 1987 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, McKelvey is also a master glass artist and author, having written the world’s most widely read text on the subject, The Art of Fire.

McKelvey co-founded Square in 2009 with Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, to enable small businesses to run their storefronts on a mobile device. Square has since grown to more than 2500 employees and a $25 billion valuation. In 2014, the company expanded its scope into the food-delivery market by acquiring Caviar; those moves landed McKelvey on Inc. Magazine’s “15 Entrepreneurs to Watch.”

Jim McKelvey

Co-founder Square

Morning KEYNOTE ADDRESS “Life After an Anonymous Attack on My City”

Mike Maier, CTO of the City of Fort Lauderdale, will discuss the Anonymous attack on the city in late 2014 in his presentation “Life After an Anonymous Attack on My City”. Mike will share how things were handled in the direct aftermath of the attack and how the city subsequently changed its ways – both technologically, and behaviorally, in the time since.

Mike Maier

CTO, City of Fort Lauderdale

Panels & Talks

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Collaborative Communications – Digital transformation is about meeting the needs of today’s modern business. The new workforce is increasingly mobile, global and distributed and is putting requirements on companies to support their on-the-go lifestyle. Discover how building a cloud ecosystem of integrated applications drives the speed, agility and data insights you need to generate meaningful business outcomes. With the right solutions in place, you can empower employees to work anytime, anywhere and on any device using the modality of their choice – whether online chat, video meetings or voice communications.

Curtis Peterson

SVP Operations, RingCentral

How CBS Sports Manages and Originates Live Video at Scale for Speed and Performance

Sports fans demand the best when it comes to live-streaming experiences. In this session, CBS Sports Digital shares how it is using a combination of proprietary technology and AWS services to give viewers high quality, live-streamed sports coverage. Learn how CBS Sports Digital has built an architecture that scales for growing audiences, exacting performance requirements, and increasing redundancy.

Stephanie Lone

Vice President of Engineering for CBS Sports Digital

Backup and Replication Software capabilities, functionalities and integration – Veeam

Brad will demonstrate the Veeam’s Backup and Replication Software capabilities, functionalities and integration. Brad is a presales data protection systems engineer specializing in virtualization technologies. My experience has been in the data center for the last 17 years.

Brad Farabaugh

Senior Systems Engineer, Veeam Software

Work is Not a Place: Top Trends in the Future of Work

At a time where large enterprises, like IBM and Yahoo, are calling people back to the office, remote and flexible work is growing in popularity. In fact, 89% of workers say flexible working should be how we work and not a benefit. Based on global research surveying 6,600 employees across 10 countries, Fuze will share new findings of worker preferences on how, when, and where people like to work; what makes work most effective; and the role of automation/AI.

Michael Affronti

VP of Product, Fuze


Security transformation is about enabling and securing today’s modern business while maintaining an enhanced security posture via a consolidated and integrated environment. Infrastructures continue to be more disparate and complex environments put a strain on resources and budgets. Discover how consolidating and simplifying your security infrastructure will change the economics of security. By leveraging the right solution and fabric ecosystem of integrated partners, you can consolidate your infrastructure, leverage existing technology, maximize your resources, AND change the economics and all while enhancing your security posture.

Laz Corrales

Sr. Manager, Systems Engineering, Fortinet

Free Training:  DMS State Purchasing

9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
10:30 AM to NOON

Florida’s Dept of Management Services would like to help your business grow by updating your organization on IT procurements within the State of Florida and discussing steps we are taking to partner businesses for greater success.

  • Are you a business that’s ready to expand and grow with the help of an established & highly successful Mentor?
  • What if that help were free?
  • Are you a vendor doing work with the State, or wanting to do work with the state, that could use some assistance?

Information Technology Vendors provide vital support to DMS’s role as the administrative arm of state government. To continue to build on that partnership, the Division of State Purchasing has scheduled an Information Technology Forum to update you on IT procurements within the State of Florida and discuss steps we are taking to improve procurement processes.

Agile Track

All things Agile lead by Anjali Leon.

Session Include

  • Coaching Wilt Chamberlain – Using Behavioral Economics to Create a Learning Culture – Becky McNeeley
  • 8 Elements of Successful Distributed Agile Teams – Mark Kilby
  • The Agile Journey Lean Coffee – Anjali Leon
  • Agile Adoption Success by Knowing What to Avoid – Jeff Koors
  • Does Agile change your process – or your perspective? – Colleen Esposito



Leaders from the SoFlo tech community share their ideas for making 2019 the year that tech finally becomes more inclusive.


In computer science, AI research is defined as the study of “intelligent agents”: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals


According to the nonprofit consumer organization Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a total of 11,019,555,688 individual records containing sensitive personal information were involved in security breaches between January 2005 and May 2017.

Opportunity or Threat? The Future of South Florida as Global Financial Center in the age of Fintech Disruption (FinTech)

FinTech is a new industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance. The use of smartphones for mobile banking, investing services  and cryptocurrency are examples of technologies aiming to make financial services more accessible to the general public


A major driver of the sector’s growth is the consumerization of medtech. Supported by the widespread availability of smartphones and tablets, providers are able to reach a large audience at a low cost, a trend that stands to be consolidated as wearable technologies spread throughout the market.


In May 2018, Gartner found that only 1% of CIOs indicated any kind of blockchain adoption within their organizations, and only 8% of CIOs were in the short-term ‘planning or [looking at] active experimentation with blockchain’.


The number of IoT devices increased 31% year-over-year to 8.4 billion in 2017 and it is estimated that there will be 30 billion devices by 2020. The global market value of IoT is projected to reach $7.1 trillion by 2020.


Cloud computing security or, more simply, cloud security refers to a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls deployed to protect data, applications, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing.


According to the McKinsey Global Institute’s Industry Digitization Index, Europe is currently operating at 12% of its digital potential, while the USA is operating at 18%. This clearly demonstrates that, while business processes are undergoing great change making much progress in the adoption of digitization, even advanced economies are struggling to exploit the full potential.

How to market your products for success


Ask the Experts Panel – Software Developer Panel

AKA – Why software development projects fail. This panel will approach software development from the perspective of  small business manages and non-profits.

THE Startup Eco-System

Be the change you want to see in the world.


Show me the money.


Stay relevant, avoid obscurity.


Arup (Arup Group Limited, a multinational professional services firm headquartered in London) estimates that the global market for smart urban services will be $400 billion per annum by 2020


DevOps aims at shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, and more dependable releases, in close alignment with business objectives.

CIO-Only Track

IOT Security and Risks. How Machine Learning can mitigate

Discuss a number of challenges that exist in identifying compromises in IoT environments.    We will then discuss in detail the AI and ML-based analytics and deployment methodologies that can be used to identify compromises in this area.  We will show several examples of compromises and how they were identified with AI and Machine Learning algorithms..

Pete Nicoletti

Chief Data Officer, Cybraics

Achieving Maximum Velocity with Composable Infrastructure

Many enterprise and commercial customers have oversubscribed to the public cloud. Now they are pressured to find the right mix of public cloud, private cloud, and traditional IT environments through Hybrid IT. There are significant financial and operational implications for these organizations as they search for the right way to manage IT. What is the right mix of public and private cloud? Does the public cloud save money? Is the level of subject matter expertise the same for cloud as it is for traditional IT? What are the effects of Composable Infrastructure and NVMe?

Jason White

Chief Technologist, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

A View from the C-Suite: An Insider Threat Case-Study

According to Time Magazine’s Cyber Security Report and meta-analysis, “businesses will have lost $400 billion to hackers in 2018”. Understandably, enterprises take this external threat seriously and according to Gartner, “worldwide cybersecurity spending will have reached $96 billion in 2018”. However, there is not much known about INTERNAL THREATS, because one voice that is seldom heard from is that of the victim due to repetitional risk, negative impact on stock price, declining employee morale and a host of other negative consequences including that 60% of Small-Medium Sized Businesses close their doors within six months after suffering a hacking attack. Until now!

Gary Berman

CEO,  Cyberman Security, LLC

Blockchain: A new technological panacea?

With new trends begging for adoption, blockchain is on everyone’s mind and filling plenty of pockets. It has brought promises of revolutionizing the world while at the same time has struggled to find use cases besides digital money. So the question still remains- do we need blockchain? Is there a defined limit to which it stops being useful or is this a new technological panacea?

Francisco Arias, trained as a physicist, while researching neural networks, chaos theory, and complex systems. Francisco was an early adopter of Machine Learning. He dropped out of his Ph.D. program to pursue answers outside of academia. He has worked in diverse fields, from network science to genetic algorithms, from software development to blockchain development. Always with a passion for excellence which he applies to all his endeavors.

Francisco Arias

Blockchain Solutions

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