Start Time: 12/05/2019 03:00 PM, End Time: 12/05/2019 03:50 PM, Location: Room 220

Session Level: Open

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Today’s market has become very unpredictable as new customer needs arise every day. Leadership as we used to know it has changed to a whole new style, a more decentralized one focused on empowerment. In order to adapt and succeed when switching to this new style, leaders need to learn and acquire a set of tools and skills that may seem challenging as they constitute a true paradigm shift.

During this session, I will show you through real-world situations how leaders can play a key role in transforming the organization, and the way we have overcome some of the obstacles along the way. Attendees to this dynamic presentation will be able to share their own experiences and pain points and connect them with the different tools and approaches that have given me, as an executive coach, a lot of success.

Presenter: Rick Regueira - Transformation Experts, LLC (Executive Coach & Enterprise Agile Transformation Leader)
About Rick Regueira:
Rick is a seasoned Enterprise & Executive Agile Coach & Trainer specializing in Executive Coaching, Agile Transformations, Organizational Culture Transformations, and Business Agility. Community: SFAA President, SFPMI Board Member & Agile Consultant, National Keynote Speaker. IT &...  Read More
About Regina Batista:
Regina is an Enterprise Agile Coach, with over 20 years of Strategic Leadership in Technology & Business Transformations. Agile Trainer, Coach and Consultant. List of certifications include: ICP-ACC, RTE, SPC4, CSM, CSPO, PMP, KMP I, Six Sigma Green Belt, KMP I Proven expertise in cultu...  Read More
Co-Presenter(s): Regina Batista