Start Time: 12/05/2019 11:00 AM, End Time: 12/05/2019 11:50 AM, Location: Stage 2

Session Level: Open

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Presenter: Asif Malik - ABCo USA Inc. (Founder and CEO)
About Asif Malik:
Asif Malik is an independent consultant for IT Services with a focus on Governance, Service Integration and IT Architecture due to his deep interest in Human Development and the role IT plays in it. Asif is also a passionate evangelist of Cognitive Computing, which is the simulation of human thought...  Read More
About David Hartman:
David Hartmann, CSM, Founder & CEO of The SilverLogic (, architects platforms and innovative technology solutions for startups and enterprises in a variety of industries combining APIs and cutting-edge technologies, such as RPA, AR, IoT, and Blockchain. His mission is to streamline the pr...  Read More
About Gadi Hus:
Gaid Hus is responsible for leading the development and execution of the Company’s long term and short term strategies and plans. As Director of Operations (DOO), Gadi’s leadership role entails being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions. Furthermore, Gadi oversees all e...  Read More
About Ruben Balmaceda:
I am a teacher, innovator, mentor and software developer at heart. At Overproof I am responsible for the cloud-based enterprise architecture and DevOps. Being in an early stage start-up, I am also responsible for prototyping, developing and integrating our machine learning, mobile, web and cloud sys...  Read More
About Shakeel Hye:
Shakeel Hye is the Director of Data Engineering at TracFone Wireless. He is a senior IT Professional and has Directed/Managed IT Delivery, Development, Reporting & IT Governance. He has Managed Software, Hardware, People and Processes. His strengths include Data Science & Data Engineering. ...  Read More