Start Time: 12/05/2019 10:00 AM, End Time: 12/05/2019 10:50 AM, Location: Room 221

Session Level: Open

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Artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, big data and analytics, machine learning, internet of things – all of these tech trends (and more!) are not just accelerating exponentially, they are compounding upon each other in innovative, synergistic ways that very few of us can anticipate. How do you plot a career path or even a learning strategy in such a fast-moving and uncertain landscape; how do you prepare yourself for the unknown? This presentation will address the bewilderment that many of you feel when faced with the emergence of new, difficult to understand technologies and will give you the mindset and framework you need to embrace this change and find your place in the new world.

Presenter: Michael Milutis - Computer Aid, Inc. (Human Capital Development)
About Michael Milutis:
Michael Milutis is an INFP and IT generalist committed to human capital development and continuous learning within a shifting technology landscape. He works with technology organizations from around the world to develop innovative learning cultures and he coaches individuals and teams so that the...  Read More