Rick Meder
Sonic Wall, Sales Engineer

Rick Meder: -
Rick Meder is a Network Security Engineer with SonicWall; an innovative leader in cyber defense solutions. With more than 20 years in the cyber security space, Rick has been defending networks ranging from high profile targets such as major universities, public corporations and Internet Service Providers, down to small private sector businesses. Although the networks and rapidly evolving attacks are forever changing, the protection of DATA, the world’s most valuable asset, has always held his top focus. With the combination of Rick’s priceless infosec connections which tap him directly into the pulse of the threat landscape, extensive research, and penetration testing, Rick routinely finds himself toeing right up to that implied line of “ethical hacking”. The results of which have benefitted cyber security postures for every business he has worked with. Although driven by his belief that the way to achieve greatness is to educate yourself as much as possible on all sides, Rick often likes to say with a big smile; “If my day job doesn’t work out, I always have the dark side of security to fall back on!”

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