Sissy Smith
GiftedCoin, CEO

Sissy Smith: -
Sissy is passionate about connecting people with causes they cherish and people with needs waiting to be met, life missions that can be accomplished and hope that can be given to what may seem like hopeless situations. The give + get movement was created out of my own grateful and generous journey that I traveled as a result of a life-changing car accident in 2012 and a second car accident in 2015. It's my hope that Gifted Coin will inspire others in their journey. Gifted Coin is a crowdfunding community that connects you to causes you care about and people with needs waiting to be met. We’re full of stories that deserve to be celebrated and dreams on the verge of coming true. This is a place where gratitude and generosity are equally important, and where miracles happen on a daily basis. Whether you’re a do-gooder with a heart of gold or a thankful gift-getter, you’re in the right place. Together we can change lives, one gifted coin at a time.

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